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In case you are not satisfied with your product, we apologize, and guarantee you that you will receive a refund.

Please return the product in same state as when you received it (new and unopened).
When you attach order no or receipt we will be able to fix your refund asap!

The cost of return shipment is covered by you but in cases where the item has been damaged during shipping or

handling we take full responsibility, and makes sure another one reaches you cost free.
Make sure to claim damages on package or product within 48 hours of receipt.demonstration ideas
All other refund cases must be initiated within 14 days of receipt.


We are happy for your order!

Purchases above €199 are always eligible for free shipping.

As soon as the payment is accepted we pick your order and pack it safely.
The name and shipping address is the one you’ve written after you made the order,
or the one you have added to your personale profile. Please take time to make sure this is a 100% correct!

Otherwise we cannot make sure that the package actually reaches you.

In case things an item is out of stock and you’re still able to buy it (this happens sometimes due to cookies etc.)
We sincerely apologize and promise to contact you with a new shipment date or an offer to get a refund.

In case your package is subject to customs-case please let us know.

In most cases you have been wrongfully targeted and if you wish, we will make sure another item is send out right away.


ökolife is looking after your personal information!

We take 100% responsibility for the information required for registration, transactions and shipping.

We have a safe and secure payment system that doesn’t provide us with your payment details.

You can feel perfectly safe and sound with us!

Order cancellation

if you already paid but wish to cancel your order, it might take 14 working days to refund the full amount due to

system security. Dont hesitate to contact us, we are ready to help.

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ökolife do not claim any relation to diagnosing, treating or curing deceases.
Our products is made for healthy people who want to stay healthy.

We encourage you to do your own research!